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PSONA Films creates latest chapter in BP’s campaign to promote partnership with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in countdown to Rio 2016

PSONA Films, London: PSONA Films and BP yesterday released an online film featuring German sporting ambassador and European champion sprinter David Behre. The film is the latest in BP’s ‘Energy Within’ campaign, which seeks to show how the human spirit is the most powerful energy of all and leads people to achieve the most remarkable things.

The latest instalment marks the 100-day milestone to the start of the Paralympics in Rio this summer. With transformational CGI and cutting-edge visual effects, the film promises to captivate and excite audiences across the world. Its value to the Para community shines through, driving ideas of social inclusion and affirming that anything is possible when we harness ‘The Energy Within’.

The series, created by PSONA Films, supplements BP’s partnership with the IPC ahead of the 2016 Rio Games. Launched in September 2015, the first film of the campaign featured World Record-holding Paralympic athlete Marlou Van Rhijn, and garnered over 44 million views across all online channels. The second film communicated the breadth of BP’s worldwide sponsored Paralympic athletes, collecting more than 75 million views across all online channels.

Katy Eyre, Managing Director of PSONA Films, said:

“BP has given us some amazing stories to work with and it’s such a privilege to develop the ongoing series of films that bring to life the inspiration behind the success in the lives of these remarkable athletes. The ‘Running Man’ footage and emotional storytelling featuring David Behre is reason enough to get excited about this film – but the CGI adds another dimension.”

Mark Rose, BP Brand Communications, commented:

“Our aim is to make a series of online films that capture the emotion in sport and reveal some of the deeply personal and moving stories that drive BP-supported athletes. These athletes have found their energy within and have stories that we believe are incredibly inspirational to viewers around the world. And to combine this with a video distribution strategy that maximizes high quality views of the films.”

PSONA Films will be creating more films for BP in this series as we draw closer to the Paralympics this summer.



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