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Remember Klout? The Post Office is using it to root out brand advocates and decide who should get priority treatment online

The Post Office is harnessing one-time social media trailblazer – Klout – to help it work out who it should be prioritising online and who could be useful in future marketing campaigns.

Question from the Editor of theMarketingblog to the Post Office guys. ” Does a Klout score of 61, which we have – interest you?

The retailer has been on a mission for the past few years to reestablish the brand amongst consumers which has seen it invest heavily in overhauling stores and marketing. Reflecting that online and harnessing the power of brand advocates has become vital, but the myriad of tools it was using previously have made it challenging to streamline efforts in the way it needs – until now.


In its 2008 heyday, Klout was touted as way to assign a value to the influence you had online. For a brief moment, brands toyed with the idea of using it to decide who should be given perks or discounts while companies such as Salesforce even used it to decide who should get a job. In the end, people stopped really caring about Klout scores and it disappeared – until being bought by Lithium Technologies in 2014 for a reported $200m.

Its resurrection has seen Klout integrated into Lithium Reach, a new social marketing product from the company that promises to “redefine how brands can maximize customer engagement across social channels, blogs and online communities” and “engage customers in a true two-way conversation across digital channels, and throughout the customer lifecycle”.

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