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Top 5 UK movie favourites inc. The 39 Steps, Sabotage, Harry Brown and Shaun of the Dead

When one discusses the top movies to come out of the UK, the first name that often comes up isn’t tied to just one film but a whole genre of films. The unique works of Alfred Hitchcock created a whole new genre of scary movies based on implied fear, and have stood the test of time.

While other films have been lost or become outdated, the works of Hitchcock continue to draw loyal fans and attract new fans as well. His most well-known films include The 39 Steps, Sabotage, and The Lady Vanishes. While these films date back to the 1930’s, their focus on suspense, paranoia and human fear is ageless.

In contrast to the ageless suspense films of Hitchcock, the film Harry Brown comes in as another solid British film for very different reasons. This film is one that could only have been filmed in the UK as it focuses on a raw glimpse into some unsavory parts of city life with the acting talents of Sir Michael Caine front and center. This piece is real as it follows Caine’s character from his initial scared character to a self-actualised hero in his own way. While this isn’t a feel good type of film, it is a solid work with a truly British feel and real message.


  • The Queen from 2006 is another example of a truly British film that has remained a favorite for many people because of both the performances within the film and the story itself. The Royal Family is something that audiences worldwide can appreciate since not only is it a true British gem but also a worldwide curiosity. Although the work follows the events after the loss of Princess Diana, it is fictional in many aspects. It gives a personal spin on an often formal part of the British image.

In a completely different direction than either Harry Brown or The Queen, we have Shaun of the Dead comes in as another example of a great British film. While there may be many zombie movies on the market, this is set apart in the market because of its focus on British satire and comedy. On first glance combining comedy with horror may not make a lot of sense, but this is truly magic for Shaun of the Dead. This quirky film becomes a showcase for many popular British comics and serves as a fun example of Manchester video production.

A final film to be included in overall British top movies would come from an unlikely source, Slumdog Millionaire. While the film takes place fare outside of England, it is a British gem as it is directed by awarding winning British Director Mr. Boyle. This film follows a young man from India from the slums to a game show in a true rags to riches masterpiece. The directing skills of Boyle are apparent in the way the film comes together to first show the beauty of the landscape and culture but also not sugar coating the realities of poverty in the country. While some may have been turned off by the overwhelming press for this film, seeing it years later one can truly appreciate the beauty of the film.

Whether we explore the history of Hitchcock or the more modern films, it is important to also understand the art behind the film in the cinematography, editing and camera work. A company like Brickhouse can do magic with bringing a story to life.