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B2B Marketers : “How to advance your prospect to a sales ready offer, such as a request for a proposal”

B2B Marketers … One of the fundamental assumptions of inbound marketing is that your prospects have different needs, and insights about their problems at each stage of the buying cycle.

At the earliest research stages, prospects may be unaware of solutions that your firm offers, but they are searching for solutions to their day-to-day problems and challenges. Find out MORE >>>>>

As they progress through the buying cycle, searching for knowledge or partners who can help them with their evolving problems, they interact and engage with your strategic content.

Inbound marketing, combined with automation and personalization technologies, helps connect and nurture your prospects through deeper stages of your business development funnel – advancing them to a sales ready offer, such as a request for a proposal. Intelligent, data-driven insights about the kind of content your prospect is viewing, provides business development leaders, sales-intelligence about when and how to reach out to a prospect.

The process of inbound marketing starts with research-driven insights about your target prospects and stakeholders. By understanding their questions, pain-points, language, and potential-objections, you can develop and promote relevant, compelling content that reflects your deep knowledge and expertise, and then positions you as a solution-provider to their business problems.

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