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Another delivery straight to the dustbin

Chris Dawson who is editor of Tamebay writes … Why do couriers do it? Why do they still think that the dustbin is one of the favoured places for consumers to receive a delivery?

Today it’s the turn of Amazon Logistics, but other couriers have also delivered to my bin in the past and always when I’m away from home and risk having my bins kindly put out for emptying by my neighbours.

It’s not like I don’t have a ton of delivery options available – I have a Pelipod secure home delivery pod and the code for the Pelipod was securely displayed on the parcel. I have an additional safe place (the greenhouse) nominated on my Amazon account and the greenhouse wasn’t locked and is two steps from my dustbins. I have accommodating neighbours who are always more than happy to accept parcels for me and yet still couriers sometimes prefer my dustbin.

Apart from a ton of garden greenery waiting for the recycling lorry to arrive, my parcel was sitting on top of some festering lettuce leaves that the rabbits hasn’t eaten and some rather revolting cat food – the green bins round my way are for garden waste and food waste!

Please couriers… don’t use the bin as a delivery receptacle. It might be emptied and the parcel sent to land fill and apart from that bins are always pretty yucky and disgusting. Trust me, my green wheelie bin is most definitely NOT the safe place I told you about!