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BizTweet continues to fly high with record number of tweets from airports in June

As the holiday season gets into full swing, TIC, the brains behind BizTweet, one of the leading social decision software providers, has announced that the month of June broke records thanks to an increased number of tweets sent from airports around the world.

In total, 92,555 tweets were sent from airports during June, and the pioneering platform processed 19,766 (21.35%) of them. An astonishing 885 airports around the world used Twitter to connect with their passengers overall. With real-time flight information delivered direct to mobile devices using Twitter, the platform is redefining the way airports communicate.

Paul Brugger, Founder and C.E.O. of TIC, said, “We’re really encouraged by the numbers we are seeing. The platform really is critical in helping airports – as well as businesses of all sizes and in all sectors – connect with their customers with ease. Significantly minimising the amount of manpower required, the platform really speaks for itself, and as a result, is growing significantly as airports and businesses alike see the incredible benefits for themselves.”

Serving almost a quarter tweets sent by airports, BizTweet really is going from strength to strength. Providing an intelligent solution for airports and B2B and B2C businesses to connect with their customers directly and simply, BizTweet is changing the way customers hear from businesses. And as a result, is rapidly gaining a reputation for being one of the most important social platforms in the world.

Further cementing their place as global leaders, BizTweet is also set to expand its portfolio with two new airports having recently joined the ranks. An airport based in Europe and one in North America has signed up to the company. Now set to process around 30% of the world’s airport Twitter traffic communication, the company is set to grow even further over the coming months.

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