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Europe’s first vertical video mobile ad premieres for the Desperados beer campaign

As part of the Brau Union brewery group’s “Desperados” campaign, a vertical video has for the first time been used in mobile advertising. Developed by YOC ( , the understitial vertical video ad is a mobile advertising format enabling the full screen display of moving image content in portrait format.

The ad, which celebrated its premiere in April, has been included in the “Desperados #espassiert” marketing campaign created by Brau Union and Performics.

The understitial ad is part of a user-centred generation of mobile advertising formats. It is integrated unobtrusively in the editorial content and is gradually displayed when the user scrolls down a page until it is fully visible. In addition to the display in portrait format, the ad is integrated with the content of the page and not an overlay format. The built-in VAST standard (VAST= video ad serving template) also ensures that the video content is correctly measured.

The target group of the “Desperados #espassiert” campaign is young, active individuals looking for a cool lifestyle, so in addition to time targeting the campaign also features geo-targeting. Two videos have been created which complemented each other and contain a direct call to action to the user. If the ad is not clicked in response to the first video, the user receives a reminder in a second video.

MSc. Amir Ehsani, Brand Manager Desperados Brau Union Österreich AG: “We were aiming at a specific target group for Desperados, together with the best way to access this target group. The YOC understitial vertical ad executed this strategy to an above-average level, with the result that we have retained the creative implementation for all phases of the campaign.”

Konstantin Jakabb, Managing Director of creative agency VIRTUE: “The campaign and the content are only ever as good as its activation. This is why here at VIRTUE we begin thinking about the right format and the right platform as early as the creative stage. Because we know that more than 90% of our target group is mobile, the mobile-first approach of the YOC understitials has proved the best way to access them.

Cosima Serban, Digital Performance Lead Performics A Division of MMS Communications Austria GmbH, adds: “For us the above-average 5.14% click-through rate for the campaign in particular is confirmation that we provided our client with the right recommendation: the functions of the new YOC advertising formats are an ideal match for the structure of the campaign. The focus was on individual solutions and creative media implementation. For this purpose YOC was the ideal media partner.”

Maximilian Pruscha, Managing Director YOC CEE Austria: “People tend to use their smartphones almost exclusively in the vertical mode. It was therefore important to us to provide our client with a format which would combine the moving image and the mobile element in a vertical display. Compliance with industry standards and the possibility of applying VAST tags means that the new mobile advertising format is continuing the success story of the YOC understitial ad.

You will find a video of the First Mover campaign here: