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One in ten now use their toilet break to make some money

One in ten of us now make pounds whilst spending a penny, according to new findings by online research site, Crowdology. The study found that 11% of people answered online surveys whilst on the loo, whilst a fifth checked out social media using smartphones, tablets or laptops. Other activities included reading (24%) and studying or working (4%).

Women were most likely to shun other activities, with 58% claiming they simply used the toilet without doing anything else, whilst 63% of men chose to use the time to ‘multitask’!

Respondents were also asked to name places they filled out a survey. These included:

  • At work (20%)
  • On a bus (10%)
  • When stuck in a lift (2.5%)

Crowdology, the internet’s fastest growing research panel, conducted the study to celebrate its relaunch today. The company has almost 70,000 members and a Facebook group approaching 5,000 fans. Around 13,000 surveys are taken each month by members of Crowdology.

Unlike other survey sites, a Crowdology member receives cash instead of tokens for each survey filled out, paid directly into their Paypal account. Surveys earn a member between 40p and £10 each time and money can be withdrawn as soon as they make just £4.

Commissioned by companies ranging from restaurants to shoe designers, Crowdology prefers pictorial instead of wordy surveys, making them quick, easy and fun to fill out.

“We don’t mind where people take our surveys. As they’re all smartphone-optimised and most take less than 10 minutes you can do them wherever you want”, comments Head of Crowdology, Lewis Reeves. “Paying cash not tokens means it’s easy to participate and signing up takes just two minutes, which is probably why we’re the UK’s fastest growing survey site. We’ve updated our site to reflect this simplicity. It’s never been easier to get paid to have your say.”