Shaken & Stirred - Influential Brand Profiling and Positioning …. How to generate successful press campaigns, coverage, marketing and social media presence

According to GEM Global Report, 100 million new businesses are launched every year. That is three every second; signaling an incredible cultureshift towards entrepreneurialism. So what are the essentials to a successful startup?

Effective communications is a vital component to the growth of any business. However, with many such businesses operating on a limited budget, the hefty PR agency fee is not only out of reach, it is also unnecessary! is a brand new interactive website that teaches companies to become influencers and add value to their industries. This new technology allows startups to generate successful press campaigns, coverage, marketing and social media presence without the necessity of a large budget. It also uses PR professionals to provide advice and support to companies starting out on their influencer journey.

This alternative method of PR will teach Business owners to:

  • Create strategic, well thought out Public Relations campaigns
  • Increase customers and awareness of their business
  • Understand what makes an interesting story for the media
  • Develop a relationship with the press and secure press coverage
  • Develop their Social Media presence and making an impact online

In essence, enables companies to create a successful communication plan, and use a platform to implement the strategy to achieve their end goal.

Unlike PR agencies, big budgets and fixed-term contracts are not a prerequisite at The concept not only assists in the development of a marketing strategy but also allows founders to gain true PR experience. With prices starting from £175.00 per month, it really is accessible for everyone.

Founder, Simon Rayner says: ‘Throughout my 16 years in PR, I have worked in a number of agencies, and while traditional PR models can work very well for established brands, in my experience, it doesn’t make sense for startups. No one sells their business better than the founders themselves. We believe that every business owner should gain at least basic experience in PR in order to equip themselves with the tools to grow their following, build credibility and develop their identity as an authority. provides this in an easy to follow, low cost system to help the influencers and disruptors of tomorrow create the buzz required to succeed today.’