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Storytelling in Marketing, a KP shows us all how to do it

Telling a story is as old as history itself and is how ancient civilizations and cultures passed down information on their very being. Though the millennia storytelling has developed from verbal to drawn to written through to today’s countless options. Storytelling has never been more prolific than it is today and the options to amplify the story are many.

The marketing world adopted storytelling a long time ago and there are many examples of how this has worked as a very effective component of brand strategy when the story is compelling.

We came across a story recently that we found was told in a very compelling way and judging by the amplification it received on social media we weren’t the only ones.

The story starts with a phone call received on a Sunday morning leading to a day of KP’ing, if you are not familiar with the term it refers to a Kitchen Porter doing his or her job.

I won’t spoil your enjoyment and disclose any further, so just enjoy like we did