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As any athlete or dedicated gym goer knows, music is a must-have for enhancing training performance. But when the pressure is really on, and it’s time to take it up a notch, you need equipment that’s going to mirror your motivation and stamina.

Panasonic, long-term official partner to the British Olympic Association (BOA), has the answer to your workout woes. Whether you’re rainy day running, pummelling the pavements or gunning for it in the gym, the Panasonic WINGS RP-BTS50 Headphones have been designed specifically for the most enduring of sporting activities.

As well as sharing sensational sound, with a 12mm Dynamic-Large Driver to ensure crisp and impactful export and CD-quality wireless streaming possible thanks to aptX Bluetooth capability, the Panasonic RP-BTS50 Headphones keep comfort at their core. 3D-Flex Sport Clips wrap around the ear, and can be freely bent, to ensure a comfortable and optimal fit. The 3D-Flex Hanger also fits tightly around the ears, even when moving, ensuring you’re not interrupted when aiming for that all-important PB.

Keeping every sportsman and woman in mind, the after-dark athlete can now run assured their safety is covered. Developed for darkness, LED lights embedded into the edge of the headphones, emit Blue Edge LED Illumination lighting when wearers are jogging at night. IPX5 waterproofing also keeps the headphones protected from sweat and water, and the washable design means any dirt can be ditched with a quick wash.

Built-in microphones also enable practical phone calls on the move, and a quick charging feature ensures your headphones will be ready to go whenever you reach for your running shoes (70mins playback from 15min charge). The WINGS RP-BTS50 headphones even have a battery lifetime of six hours so they will still be going strong long after you’ve run out of energy.

Panasonic’s capacity as Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio Video Equipment Category for more than 25 years, combined with its position as a worldwide leader in the development of diverse electronic technologies, means it’s able to create to cater to sporting specifications. This, and more, makes the Panasonic WINGG RP-BTS50 Headphones a must-have for enhancing the enjoyment of exercise.

The Panasonic BTS50 Headphones are available to buy at, RRP £99.99. Available in black or white.

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