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What do dog treats, toothpaste and recipes have in common? They’re all products which companies have included in promotional crackers by Simply Crackers

What do dog treats, toothpaste and recipes have in common?

They’re all products which companies have included in promotional crackers by Simply Crackers. Organisations from across the UK have used their bespoke branded crackers on a variety of activity from promotions through to customer and employee reward.

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Promotional activity

Brands have worked with Simply Crackers as part of their festive promotional activity. Colgate ordered 6000 crackers containing toothpaste samples to give to customers at Superdrug stores across the UK in the run up to Christmas, while Nescafe included vouchers in mini crackers, handing out 9,000 of them outside supermarkets.

Vouchers were also included in crackers given to visitors at Liverpool ONE shopping centre. 7000 of these products contained vouchers from some of the 160 retail outlets within the centre.

Customer reward

Crackers have been used by organisations as a unique festive reward for customers. JUST EAT, an online takeaway ordering service, gave 5000 crackers containing branded pens to customers placing orders on Christmas Eve.

The Dorchester Hotel ordered 3000 branded crackers to be displayed on tables throughout the Michelin starred restaurant – each one containing a recipe.


Festive retail

Harry’s Gourmet Treats worked with Simply Crackers to create canine friendly crackers. These snap-free crackers contained dog treats and were sold by the company at Christmas markets.

Celebrated homeware retailer Cath Kidston used jumbo crackers in their distinctive floral pattern to decorate their shop windows in their UK stores during the festive season.

New business & client retention

Digital music service Spotify ordered over 2000 jumbo crackers to send to marketing agencies across the UK and Europe (in Germany, Italy, France & Spain), both current clients and prospective targets. These supersize crackers included supersize gifts – a branded beanie hat, touch screen gloves and a power bank.

Employee reward

RBS ordered 850 boxes of crackers to give to their staff to reward and motivate the customer services teams. These bespoke crackers contained a thank you note and examples of how staff had delivered exceptional customer service.

Geine Pressendo, managing director of Simply Crackers, explains:

“Crackers are a fun, interactive and unique way to showcase a brand and reward customers or staff, especially over the festive season. They can be tailored to the company’s own design and branding and include any gift of their choice, ensuring they really reflect the organisation’s marketing requirements. In this respect, crackers deliver twice the impact – the company branding is displayed on the cracker and then there’s the wow factor once the cracker is pulled.”

Organisations keen to put a smile on the face of the customer or employee can include jokes within the crackers. Here are some of the most popular ones.


  1. What kind of motorbike does Santa ride?

A Holly Davidson!

  1. Who is Santa’s favourite singer?

Elf-is Presley!

  1. Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?

A mince spy!

  1. What did the stamp say to the Christmas card?

Stick with me and we’ll go places!

  1. What do you call a blind reindeer?

No eye deer.


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