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DARE creates first Enterprise Rent-A-Car ad in two years

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Brad and Dave return with the next phase of the car hire company’s humorous ‘UK car hire with US customer service’ ads, created by digital agency DARE.

The activity forms part of a two-phased campaign to drive awareness around Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s key brand messages. The first tranche of ads will focus on its range of vehicles, pushing the message that no matter what you’re doing at the weekend, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has the vehicle for you.

A second phase will launch in January to drive interest in the rental car company’s global network during the peak holiday booking time.

The new TV ads are the car hire company’s first in two years, and premiered during ITV’s Emmerdale on Monday night, and will run throughout the week. The campaign consists of a 40 second TV ad, two 20 second ads for online, as well as four six second YouTube pre-roll ads. All of the ads will be pushed online throughout the year via YouTube, Enterprise’s social channels and the Enterprise UK website.

The TV ad features American rental agent Brad and straight-laced Englishman Dave helping various customers rent a car for a number of events at the weekend.

Brad becomes increasingly confused with each request, commenting on the peculiar British traditions such as a group of people dressed as chickens on their way to a marathon, a couple on their way to Ascot with a flamboyant hat resembling afternoon tea and a father and daughter loading a van with a Guy ready for bonfire night.

The pre-roll ads are specifically aimed towards driving brand association with weekend vehicle rentals. The ads feature Brad and Dave loading various vehicles for customers, whether they are heading to a cheese rolling festival, or loading flat-pack furniture (and eating meatballs) from a well-known furniture retailer.

The ads were produced by Caviar, and directed by Rawson Thurber who has directed comedy films including Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and We’re The Millers.

Leah Wilson, European brand marketing director at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, commented: “Humour is at the core of our campaigns, with Brad and Dave reflecting our company’s culture and strengths in the merging of British and American customer service. Our vehicles really are available to customers no matter what the situation – whether it be a bizarre situation such as bonfire night or cheese rolling, or a trip to pick-up furniture at the weekend, we’ve got the vehicle for you.”

Richard Neish, managing director at DARE adds: “We’re delighted to have worked on another campaign with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, as we refresh Brad and Dave for a new audience. The two characters are the ideal comedy duo, playing off one another’s cultural nuances and providing the perfect platform to translate the company’s no matter what attitude.”