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Fresh Relevance launches weather tools for marketers

Latest additions to the Fresh Relevance Platform

Weather Rules can be used to set rules determining what content is shown to an online visitor or email recipient. For example, if customers are in an area where it is raining or a downpour is expected, a retailer can elect to automatically present customers with a selection of wellies and umbrellas.

Meanwhile, customers in sunny areas will see products such as sunglasses, shorts and sun cream. Targeting content based on the weather right now increases sales and improves the customer experience.

Weather SmartBlocks can be used to pull a real-time weather forecast, by entering the country as well as the zip code/post-code or city of the desired location. The forecast can be presented as a single-day or five-day view, and can be used on webpages or within emails. Marketers for travel companies can embed the SmartBlock to share forecast information at the destination of their customers.

CEO at Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, comments: “Weather can present huge opportunities for improving sales and strengthening customer engagement, by providing relevant, timely and personalised content. The challenge is being agile and fast enough to respond to changing conditions. Using this new Fresh Relevance SmartBlock, marketers can set rules to automatically display offers based on where the customer is located, or travel offers for their destination.”