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How to hold a fantastic marketing event

When planning to exhibit your company’s wares to potential customers, you might initially reckon that booking a space at a large, pre-arranged exhibition, where lots of other businesses will also be vying for attention, would be the best option.

However, before going ahead with that, you should consider the benefits of holding your own event. There are several such benefits; however, it remains crucial for you to plan the event carefully to make the most of those advantages.

Why can having an independent event be so convenient?

The most obvious advantage of preparing your own event is the greater control you can exert over not only how your company promotes itself, but also the location and timing of the event itself. Arranging your own event can be an especially good idea if your business is based in a small village or town and most of the people you want to attract are local; these people may not be inclined to travel to major exhibitions if they are held in a large city further afield.

When planning a wonderful marketing event, every aspect matters, down to the smallest components like flyers and custom pens. Utilizing inflatable promotional goods is a crucial component that can make your booth genuinely fascinating. For instance, you can rapidly capture attention from a distance and entice people to your booth by including custom promotional inflatables in the shape of product illustrations, logos, and branding features to make it as personalized and adjusted to your brand as possible. These striking exhibits provide a visual effect, support brand recognition, and make an impression on visitors. For the greatest impact, make sure they are well-made, resilient, and consistent with the aesthetics of your brand. Increase the appeal of your booth with promotional goods to make your event genuinely spectacular.

Choose the location and timing carefully

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” That mantra is especially applicable when it comes to planning your company’s event, not least because you’ve got such an overwhelming choice of venues and times at which to hold the event. You could hold that event in a shop, art gallery, hotel suite, meeting room… basically, any venue or space that you are allowed to use for the occasion. Timing is crucial to consider, too. To this end, if you are aiming to reach out to followers of a particular sport, you could have the event take place not just at or near a sports ground, but also on the day of a big game.

Spread the word ahead of the event

You can’t expect many people to turn up to your event if you don’t let them know that it’s going to happen! Therefore, it would be a good idea to send invites, even if anyone will be allowed to attend the event. We say this because you could send special invites to people you are especially eager to attract, such as marketing event. You could also, in advance of the event, issue a press release to encourage the media to give the event some coverage.

Have the right people ready to greet the guests

A promotional event’s various other aspects, all of which you also need to think carefully about to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible, include the signage, lighting, seating, display stands, audio visual facilities and marketing literature. And then there’s the staff. As communicating with customers face-to-face is not the same as communicating with them through print or online media, it could be a great idea to hire staff from a dedicated promotional staffing agency. These people can already be thoroughly knowledgable about how to interact with guests to best effect – just what you need for helping to grow your customer base!