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Many layers, textures and constantly evolving #HandCSocial 2016

We are delighted to report that the #HandCSocial 2016 date has been announced and is taking place on Wednesday 21st September at CLERKENWELL London.

We have followed the #HandCSocial events over the years as Hospitality & Catering News have consistently proved their commitment to better understanding social media marketing and sharing that knowledge. One of the event sponsors has also been with them since it started and once again Armourcoat are part of the social media crusade.

Electrolux are a new sponsor and their marketing manager Julie Fell explained why, “Having attended #HandCSocial in 2015 we are delighted as a sponsor to be central to the 2016 event. The opportunity to sit down with like-minded marketers from across our industry and share social media experience and knowledge helps us shape our own activity, and make valuable new industry contacts.”

As always the venue choice is interesting and this time it’s back in London at CLERKENWELL London. Not an easy venue to describe as it has many layers, textures and constantly evolves, a perfect match then for #HandCSocial.

We spoke with the organiser Denis Sheehan, publisher at Hospitality & Catering News: “We decided that this year’s #HandCSocial had to take a step forward and develop just as social media does, so we will specifically look into the heart of social media, engagement. When deciding which people, brands and companies to follow what criteria is most influential will be high on the agenda as we feel numbers can confuse.

What I mean by this is that simply following big numbers does not always equate to having an engaging time on social media. So we will discuss this over a long ‘social’ lunch session with this year’s guests.”

We were told that the guests were ‘hand picked and all by personal invitation only’ apparently, no names were given. Our own request to attend was politely declined.

No matter as we have been assured we will be first to receive the post event review with the full guest list.

Full event details can be seen at Hospitality & Catering News