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McCann London launches campaign for Homepride’s new ‘All American Sticky’ sauces range

McCann London is bringing Homepride Fred back to screens this summer with a new ad campaign to launch the new Homepride All American Sticky Sauces.

Fred, the happy mascot of Premier Foods’ Homepride brand, is so pleased with his authentic new sauce range that he has swapped his familiar bowler hat for a massive 100 gallon Stetson and showed up at a family home to join in with the dinner fun.

Always keen to help mum, Fred magically appears with a dish of chicken drumsticks covered in the new sticky sauce to delight of the whole family. However, when dad tries to join in the cowboy fun, Fred turns and knocks him over with the brim of his massive Stetson – much to the enjoyment of mum and the kids.

Helen Warren-Piper, Marketing Director – Grocery, Premier Foods, commented: “The Homepride range helps parents up and down the country get family-pleasing delicious and nutritious meals, with ease. The return of Fred, highlighting the on-trend range of American cuisine, demonstrates the brand’s role in making our home lives that little bit easier.”

Laurence Thomson, Chief Creative Officer at McCann London, added: “Fred is a lovable character, he’s easy to write for and there are literally hundreds of scenarios he could turn his hand to – much the same as the product he personifies.”

The campaign will run from August – October 2016.