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Tetley Tea case study: Playing the interactive video game

Playing the interactive video game

How an interactive video unit with Innovid surpassed industry benchmark engagement levels

Times are changing. Gone are the days where only one form of media can be used within a campaign, and static video adverts are a thing of the past. With so many mediums and brands to compete with, getting heard above the noise can be tricky; add in a new brand campaign and things get twice as hard.

It is because of this that Tetley Tea, a British beverage manufacturer and the world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea, decided to integrate an interactive video unit from Innovid, alongside media group Starcom Mediavest, into its latest ‘Best of Britain’ campaign.

Looking to celebrate key moments from British history since the company’s conception in 1837, the aim of the unit was to make the Tetley brand appear more desirable amongst its key target audience.

Amongst other elements including TV, print and social media, the interactive video unit involves a unique game whereby users are challenged with guessing significant British landmarks, figures and events in history using a combination of images.

Jane Holding, Business Director MediaVest, comments, “The interactive unit was a brilliant way to bring the AV campaign to life and draw our consumers closer to the Tetley brand. It provided an irresistible challenge that inherently improved campaign familiarity and consequently brand affinity. A fun way to spend a tea break.”

Building on previous success

With previous success from other units safely in the bag, integrating an interactive video was an easy decision for Tetley to make.

Previous campaigns, ‘Finding Sydney’ and ‘Aliens’ also involved games. ‘Finding Sydney’ gave users the to chance to win a year’s supply of tea and set the bar high, achieving an additional 33 seconds of time earned. The unit also doubled the consideration time for Tetley, which was originally a 20 second advert and ultimately led to Innovid’s involvement with Tetley’s next unit, ‘Aliens’. This second unit achieved a successful engagement rate of 6.11% and encouraged users to choose well-known Tetley characters to help them save the world from an alien invasion.

With impressive stats continuously pouring in for Tetley, it is no wonder that interactive video has become an important part of its overall marketing strategy, seeing it include this element once again in the latest campaign.

Paul Phair, Tetley Tea, concluded, “We have worked with the Innovid team on multiple occasions now and they are always extremely flexible and accommodating. They understood our objectives and worked with us to deliver a unit that exceeded industry benchmarks and even our previous campaigns.”