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The cash machine scam sweeping Britain

The cash machine scam sweeping Britain: How fraudster gangs are using distraction tricks to fleece customers of money

  • Videos show just how easy it is to fall victim of the sneaky tactics
  • Gordon Urquhart, 66, distracted by pair at a Yorkshire ATM
  • Had £300 stolen and immediately alerted Santander staff
  • Bank refused to refund in a trend which seems to be growing in the UK

Bank customers are being warned to stay vigilant as a new wave of cash machine distraction scams sweeps the country.

In the scam, victims are distracted for just a matter of seconds while taking money out of an ATM, enough time for the fraudsters to steal cash from their account or swap their debit card for a fake.

Barclays released a video on Thursday to help warn customers. The short clip shows a man waiting at a cash point while a woman stands behind him and watches as he enters his PIN number.

She then causes a distraction – in this case she drops some money – and he turns his back from the machine to help her.

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