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“Dynamically retarget shoppers with personalised adverts after they have browsed a website without purchasing” / Criteo

Special interview with Thomas Jeanjean – Managing Director Europe, Criteo

[From Internet Retailing]

WHAT DOES YOUR COMPANY DO? Criteo delivers personalised performance marketing to clients across the world. The company enables marketers to dynamically retarget shoppers with personalised adverts after they have browsed a website without purchasing.

With an unmatched network of global publishers, Criteo makes sense of digital user behaviour – across any device – to deliver relevant, personalised ads that drive online sales.


Digital advertising is highly appealing to marketers because of its ability to measure return on dollars spent. In the crowded ad tech market, what sets Criteo apart is the company’s focus on performance, and not impressions. Unlike the majority of its competitors, Criteo uses a transparent cost-per-click model, measuring value purely on post-click sales. At its core is the Criteo Engine which is made up of four parts: recommendation, prediction, creative optimisation and bidding.

The engine uses customer behaviour analysis to gauge each customer’s purchasing intent before serving an advert showing specific products which they viewed or items from the same category. The advertising stops once a shopper clicks on the advert and returns to the retailer’s website or once the engine detects that there is no interest.

When it comes to delivering these highly relevant, personalised ads, Criteo’s extensive publisher relationships, the company has direct relationships with 16,000, and ad exchanges also means that it can swiftly reach an engaged and targeted audience. These relationships ensure that advertisers on the Criteo platform have access to the most sought after ad inventory with the world’s leading publishers.


Today, nearly half of all ecommerce transactions take place on mobile and this figure is rising. Criteo has developed the leading performance marketing suite proven to boost sales online and particularly on mobile.

Whether it’s engaging shoppers wherever they are online with premium-placed ads across desktop, mobile and social; mobile app integration; turning casual website visitors into buyers with dynamic email campaigns or delivering the most relevant offers to Facebook users, Criteo has the scale to identify and understand online shopper behaviour and serve the most relevant ads, optimised for each moment and device.

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