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Time Out reveals 360-degree video campaign for Thameslink

The Creative Solutions team at Time Out London has revealed its first ever 360-degree videos as part of a multi-platform campaign for Thameslink. The campaign was created to inspire busy Londoners to explore the cities along Thameslink’s train routes this summer.

Running for one month, the campaign is featured across Time Out London’s digital and print network. It includes native advertising and a bespoke content hub which covers the best things to do and see along the Thameslink routes. Promoted posts will deliver the highly shareable 360-degree videos to Time Out London’s social media savvy audience, targeting over one million followers across Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, co-branded Time Out distributors will hand out magazines with dedicated cover wraps across London and also at Thameslink’s key stations outside the capital.

This is the third multi-platform campaign the Creative Solutions team at Time Out London delivered for Thameslink within a year, following Christmas and spring campaigns.

“Our Creative Solutions Team is constantly pushing the boundaries to create engaging and innovative content for our clients. We’re able to use all of our advanced targeting capabilities to ensure that it is delivered to the right people at the right time and on the right platform. With this campaign, our partner Thameslink wanted to showcase the great spots to visit along its train routes. A fantastic opportunity for us to immerse our users and readers into 360-degree videos that virtually transport viewers into different places”, said St. John Betteridge, MD of Advertising Time Out UK.

Chris Lund, Brand and Campaign Manager at GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway) commented: “After two very successful campaigns that the Creative Solutions Team at Time Out London delivered for us over the past months, we wanted to keep evolving the scale and ambition of them to feature key short-break locations on the Thameslink route in an innovative way. Time Out’s audience and the content the team produces make them a perfect fit for us.”

The series of 360-degree videos aims to inspire different audiences, relevant to Thameslink. Cambridge with its famous punts is featured as a romantic spot for couples, Brighton is the ideal destination for family bike rides along the coast and a jaunt down the pier, whereas London has something for everyone, including taking in culture and sights along The Southbank or morning yoga sessions on the rooftop of One New Change.