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What’s buzzing? : Mirakl, Darty, Database Marketing, Data8, AudienceScience

Mirakl, the leading marketplace platform provider, today announced that Darty, a leading European electronics retailer, is seeing better visibility in search, greater profit margins, and new category growth after implementing the Mirakl Marketplace Solution in 2014.

According to a new case study published by Forrester Research[1], Darty attributes its marketplace success to buy in from C-level support and the foresight to start with non-overlapping product categories, dedicate adequate employee resources, and take advantage Mirakl’s marketplace platform versus custom building their own solution.

Darty’s online marketplace has delivered the following results to date:

  • The retailer is able to generate €6 to €7 euros for every €100 sold through the marketplace (including any costs for administering the marketplace), compared to €2 to €3 that it generates from €100 sold in products that it stocks directly.
  • 20% of visits to Darty website are driven by its marketplace items, which it attributes to increased visibility in search engine results.
  • An increase from 120,000 owned SKUs on to 520,000 SKUs via the marketplace initiative.


Database Marketing has revealed that Data8, a leading data solutions provider, has been shortlisted for ‘Outstanding Data Provider’ in the DBM Awards 2016.

The DBM awards were launched in 2011 with the aim of placing data in the spotlight and recognizing it as the cornerstone of successful, measurable marketing. It celebrates excellence in the UK’s data and insight-driven marketing industry.

“It’s extremely exciting to be a finalist for the second year in a row. We constantly ensure that our services provide clients with premium data quality solutions and we are delighted that our team’s efforts are reflected in the nomination.” Antony Allen – Data8 Managing Director.

The nomination comes after an introduction of a variety of dynamic, innovative services. One of which is the Business Universe which contains over 9million contacts and is a truly unique master database that is revolutionising the B2B data industry. Alongside new products, a strong part of the application was including real accounts from our customers and the results they achieved from using our services.


AudienceScience today announced the opening of its Shanghai office, making it the first and only western-based, fully integrated data management and programmatic buying platform operating in mainland China with locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

AudienceScience is already serving more than 200 million impressions per day in China, and has doubled its market share within the country within the past quarter. Advertisers are now reaching Chinese consumers with the same audience targeting, optimisation, and fraud and viewability protections that they’ve come to expect from AudienceScience.

As the first western programmatic technology company with a Chinese entity operating within the country, AudienceScience now provides global advertisers with access to unique Chinese inventory and local data partners, allowing them to reach Chinese consumers in the mobile and video-heavy media market.