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Are you breaking the rules when it comes to your winners? / PromoVeritas

by on September 9, 2016 in Business, Entertainment, Lead Article, Nuggets, Research, Retail, Retail News

Are you breaking the rules when it comes to your winners? / PromoVeritas

It is increasingly being brought to our attention by consumers that promoters are failing to follow the CAP Code and publish their lists of winners. Compers News recently ran an investigation into brands such as Sainsbury’s that are ignoring public requests for lists and not bothering to publish them either.

Here at PromoVeritas, we use our global expertise to ensure all aspects of your promotions are run correctly and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. The CAP Code of Advertising and Sales Promotions, which is the rule book used by the Advertising Standards Authority, states (8.28.5) that ‘Promoters must either publish the name and county of major prize winners or make them available upon request.’ But many brands choose to ignore this rule because it isn’t a legal requirement and it is easily forgotten when a promotion ends.

The traditional solution was, in the Terms & Conditions, to request people to send in a SAE for a winners list. However this could become quite an administrative chore, a headache for the brand team and also takes time to fulfil if lots of requests are received.  For this reason we worked alongside many big brands and developed a website called – the easy and cost-effective way to host your winner’s lists .

How it Works:

When drafting your terms we include a clause saying ‘For name and county of the winners, please visit between X and Y date’ and we then create a simple holding page featuring the name of your promotion and logo, and at the appropriate time the names and counties of the major winners.

See below example of a winner’s page from PromoVeritas:

The Benefits:

  • Analytics show that these pages are viewed by thousands of people – all keen to see who has won! Over the last 12 months (Aug 16), 18,757 sessions on the website, 12,420 unique users, viewing over 29,214 pages for an average of one minute!
  • The page is purposely functional with just your branding, not PromoVeritas
  • It avoids the need for paper based mail in options, or the cluttering up of attractive brand web pages
  • No need to involve developers or update your existing website which may take time and be costly
  • Consumers will only ever be directed to your specific brand page. It is not intended to be a gallery of all different brands for consumers to search through.
  • However all winners for your brand activities can be grouped together or linked if you wish
  • is available to all brands, not just those that are our regular clients.
  • Easy to use and accessible 24 hours a day and as soon as the winners are confirmed. Without any delays.
  • Fully meets all of your Code and legal obligations.
  • If PromoVeritas are selecting the winners, then we can also handle the creation of the winners list (but only once winners have been verified and confirmed)
  • Creating a page is simple, fast and a much lower cost than building a dedicated website and ensures that you are fully compliant.
  • Works with, the fast and easy to use service for the hosting of full terms & conditions. Especially valuable for when space is tight, on packaging or in adverts, and you need a place to host the full set.

To find out more about or how we help some of the world’s best brands run effective and compliant, contact us on 0203 301 7360 or email




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