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AudienceScience’s new partnership with ShiftForward AdForecaster will help advertisers plan campaigns with greater confidence

Main picture .. ShiftForward’s CEO, Paulo Cunha,

AudienceScience,  has selected ShiftForward AdForecaster as its partner for ad availability predictions. The integration of ShiftForward AdForecaster into AudienceScience’s platform will make it possible for advertisers to quickly and reliably estimate ad inventory availability in the coming days and weeks, so that they can confidently and accurately build their media plans ahead of time.

This bolsters AudienceScience’s mission to give global advertisers greater control and transparency across their automated digital advertising campaigns.

The partnership will fill a void that hinders media planning for the large number of marketers who are currently using guesswork to plan their media strategies. Without a precise tool to evaluate future ad inventory, many advertisers end up not spending their budgets as they are not sure about where or how they should be spending it.  Also, advertisers who don’t have access to accurate forecasting can face higher operational costs as they have to work to a day-by-day approach to media spend.

ShiftForward AdForecaster allows brands and agencies to accurately predict future ad impression traffic levels and campaign inventory availability using an unlimited number of targeting variables including: geography, keywords, key-values, cookies and multiple frequency capping groups at banner, booking, line item or campaign level.

In addition, with its enhanced ad forecasting capabilities, AudienceScience® Helios opens the way for advertisers to explore and experiment with new target audiences more easily. This is because ShiftForward AdForecaster provides an accurate forecast of how interesting new audiences are so that brands can broaden their reach with more confidence.

AudienceScience®’s robust SaaS-based advertising automation suite helps advertisers maximise viewable reach and maintain optimal relevancy of message, all while maintaining complete control and transparency of their media spend.

To continue to deliver the most effective advertising to its clients, the company sought a solution that would allow advertisers to quickly and accurately anticipate targeted audience campaign reach at scale, in a context where volumes rise to trillions of ad opportunities evaluated every month.

ShiftForward was chosen due to the quality of its product, its excellent product fit and also because of the business goals it shares with AudienceScience: to help marketers regain control over their digital advertising strategy and improve ROI through the provision of a toolset that allows advertisers to manage their data assets and have full clarity on where their media is placed.

AudienceScience®’s Jeremy Mason, Vice President of Business Development, says of the partnership, “We saw an opportunity to work with a best in class partner to quickly deliver on a much sought-after feature from our advertisers,” adding that “ShiftForward’s solution not only answers our need, it also comes from a partner who cares as much as we do about simplifying and automating digital advertising, and empowering marketers to take control of their advertising.”

ShiftForward’s CEO, Paulo Cunha, is “thrilled to have the opportunity to work with AudienceScience® and its client roster of the world’s top advertisers together with the scale and performance challenges that come with it. Our team is very motivated to be joining such an exciting programme and we know ShiftForward AdForecaster will be a very useful asset to AudienceScience®.”