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AudienceScience expands cross-device capabilities through Screen6 partnership

by on September 8, 2016 in Advertising, Lead Article, Media, News you can use, Nuggets, Online Advertising, Tech

AudienceScience expands cross-device capabilities through Screen6 partnership

AudienceScience, the maker of AudienceScience® Helios, the advertising automation software global brands use to plan, activate, and analyse addressable media, has announced that it has expanded its industry-leading cross-device targeting and measurement capabilities through a direct integration with Screen6, the global leader in cross-device identity management.

The partnership increases the accuracy of the tools, functionality and controls brand advertisers need to run addressable media campaigns, at global scale, within today’s increasingly fragmented media and device landscape.

Advertisers using AudienceScience® Helios can now leverage Screen6’s unique audience graph capabilities to comprehensively measure the reach and frequency of their addressable media, gain insights into cross-device conversion attribution, target at scale, and frequency cap across channels, all in a privacy-compliant manner.

“Advertisers are eager to reach audiences via new devices and channels, and doing so requires technology that keeps pace with media consumption trends,” said Tim Barnes, Chief Product Officer of AudienceScience. “AudienceScience’s cross-device targeting solution allows brands to use all of their available data to find a known audience, no matter where they are. Now, through the integration with Screen6, brands can achieve even greater accuracy when it comes to reaching their target audience and minimising waste, all while better understanding their campaign results.”

“AudienceScience has built marketing automation software to meet the needs of the world’s largest advertisers,” said Keith Petri, Chief Strategy Officer of Screen6. “Their platform allows brand clients to build unique audiences based on their first party data, which makes them a natural fit for Screen6’s method of building a unique audience graph for each individual client.”

Advertisers can now access Screen6 through the ASci Signature product, AudienceScience’s cross-device targeting solution. The integration of Screen6 data allows advertisers to leverage:

Cross-Device Attribution 

As budget shifts from desktop to mobile, marketers need to understand how their messages lead to consumer conversions. Screen6’s technology allows AudienceScience to report on the full consumer path-to-purchase and how each impression affected the decision process. This allows brands to directly incorporate campaign data from all channels, properly optimize their campaigns and achieve an optimal media mix.

Dynamic Sequential Messaging 

Global brands use AudienceScience to deliver addressable media in a targeted sequence. Screen6 further helps advertisers to deliver these sequences across devices, exposing consumers to messages as the consumer moves from desktop to mobile to connected TV.

Frequency Capping Across Devices

Controlling the frequency of messages has historically been limited to a single device, but brands now have more control over their interactions with consumers across devices, thanks to AudienceScience and Screen6’s combined capabilities.



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