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BlueVenn launches new omnichannel customer journey and analytics platform

International marketing technology company, BlueVenn, today announces the launch of its new, self-titled flagship marketing platform, BlueVenn. BlueVenn is a powerful tool for identifying, segmenting, understanding and engaging with customers. Linking all offline and online data and channels, BlueVenn offers marketers an easy-to-use visual interface, a true Single Customer View, ‘Train-of-Thought’ analytics, and the ability to execute real-time, omnichannel customer journeys.

At the heart of this new platform lies BlueVenn’s newly-developed ‘cross-journey communication’ function. This allows marketers to automatically analyse and tag customer profiles and behaviours as they develop in a customer journey, providing never-before-seen levels of analytics and actionable insight across an infinite number of marketing campaigns. Cross-journey communication can not only ensure a more closely optimised customer experience, but also true, responsive multi-channel automation and real-time personalisation.

“Alongside the difficulty of achieving an actionable Single Customer View, marketers have traditionally suffered from a ‘siloing’ of their marketing efforts,” commented Anthony Botibol, Marketing Director at BlueVenn. “With so many campaigns, channels and digital touchpoints, managing the customer journey has become akin to air traffic control for marketing departments. Uniquely, BlueVenn’s customer journey engine gives a holistic view of customer data, letting one customer journey inform another, effectively altering the terrain for the customer as they go. This, along with BlueVenn’s powerful segmentation and analysis capabilities, gives everyday marketers the power to automate and action deep-dive analytics with the dexterity of a full-time data scientist.”

With nearly two decades of experience in marketing automation and customer analytics, BlueVenn’s solutions have helped over 400 clients across the world, including renowned brands such as Lego, Subaru, AXA, and The White Company.

The new BlueVenn platform is available in four editions based on business size and individual marketing requirements. To request a demo or to find out more, visit