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Branston helps parents inject fun into kids’ lunch boxes

With the summer holidays drawing to a close, Branston is making back to school lunches that extra bit special by helping parents decorate their kids’ sandwich bags with witty cartoon illustrations.

Branston’s “Bags of Fun” project, by mcgarrybowen, centres on a gallery of fun designs (one for every day in September) hosted on the new Branston website, which goes live 2nd September:

Parents can go to the site, pick an image to draw and either place a clear sandwich bag over the screen or tablet, or print a hard copy version and trace on the bag with a permanent marker.

The idea was inspired by Bryan Dunn an American art director/designer who drew cool cartoon images on his son’s lunch bags everyday for 2 years.

Branston’s “Bags of Fun” gives parents everywhere (even if they are no Picasso) the tools to draw some fun into their kids’ packed school lunches and beat those back-to-school blues.

The project will launch on Branston’s website and across the brand’s social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram, on Friday, September 2nd.

Jane Briers, Creative Director at mcgarrybowen said: “We felt this was a project that would get to the heart of parents everywhere, enabling them to make a simple, playful yet meaningful connection with their kids, even when they are back at school.  It also demonstrates that when you put a little effort into making something, you make it that extra bit special.”

Lorna Kimberley, Head of Marketing at Mizkan Europe Ltd. commented “Branston will always make a sandwich that extra bit special but now parents have the tool to make it even more so! September signals the end of the holidays and this can be a tough time for both parents and kids.

This activity by mcgarrybowen finds a way the brand could continue the summertime fun as kids head back to school”.