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Jaywing revamps Curvissa brand with new look ad campaign

Plus size retailer Curvissa, has launched its new Autumn/Winter campaign in the run up to the festive season. Developed by marketing specialists Jaywing, the new campaign will set Curvissa apart from its competitors by placing its customers at the heart of its brand ethics. The campaign has launched with a series of TV ads running throughout September and October.

Jaywing was responsible for the development of the entire ad campaign, following a successful brand re-positioning, bringing to life Curvissa’s unique selling point as a brand that doesn’t just scale-up clothes, but designs them with the wearer in mind. By putting the customers’ needs at the centre of the brand, Jaywing has developed a distinct voice and image for the future of the label.

The new campaign aims to engage the brands core demographic of women aged 35-55 in sizes 14-32 and establish the brands positioning in the competitive plus size marketplace. The launch of the new ads is just the beginning for Curvissa and feeds into the retailers larger brand strategy. The new positioning of the brand will enable Curvissa to stand out in the plus size fashion sector and engage with customers on what matters to them.

Laura Sutherland, Brand Manager at Curvissa said, “We felt that Jaywing just ‘gets us’, our audience, what we stand for and our brand aspirations. We’re really excited about the work we’re currently undertaking with them, from the new-look TV ad to the brand work which will have a long-term impact on our brand and business.”

Maria Vardy, Brand Comms Managing Director at Jaywing commented: “After five years of growth, Curvissa wanted to re-focus the way the brand appeared in the marketplace and looked to Jaywing’s expertise to achieve this.

We’re really excited to be working on an ongoing basis with Curvissa, helping to position the brand as a leading label in the plus size fashion market. It’s always enjoyable to work with a brand that put its customers at the heart of what they do, as it allows us to bring something much more human to our work. Curvissa has lofty plans for the future and we’re excited to see how our work will influence this.”