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[Watch] Leo Burnett unveils latest TV spot for McDonald’s Chicken Legend

McDonald’s is launching a new TV spot for the Chicken Legend range.

In this ad we see a keen judo student volunteer for a demonstration with an intimidating judo master. His classmates hail him as a legend as he takes one for the team.

The campaign will run across TV, Cinema, OOH and social media.

Supporting Campaign Information:

This campaign is all about how a legend deserves a legend.  For this spot we’re in a provincial village hall where a mismatched group of hobbyists are meeting for a Judo class.  When their intimidating judo master calls for a volunteer only one of them – Elliott – is willing to step up and take one for the team.  As Elliott is professionally dismantled, another classmate explains how Elliott deserves a Chicken Legend at the very least. Whether he’ll actually be able to eat it after his ordeal remains to be seen.

McDonald’s Chicken Legend ‘Judo’

TV – 30th August-9th October