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Wildfire launches new labs initiative to ‘prove’ the value of PR

Is PR an art or a science? Wildfire has launched its own lab — a new initiative to focus on providing some answers to this enduring conundrum. A crack team of Wildfire’s scientific “experts” will take a closer look at PR effectiveness through a series of novel experiments, all conducted under strict lab conditions of course!

Wildfire has also revealed the results of its first labs experiment, which asked whether it is fundamentally possible to know whether PR “works” or not. Specifically, we wanted to find out just how effective PR can be in support of sales and how expert opinion influences buyers’ decisions.

The labs team invited 100 people to review a mock podcast that discussed the issue of audio quality in headphones. At the end, reviewers were asked to choose from a selection of headphones — one of which was endorsed by a third-party audio expert within the podcast, and one that was promoted during an advert break. After totting up the results more listeners selected the headphones endorsed by the expert than those promoted in the advert — a clear PR “win”. You can watch the video of the experiment here.

Debby Penton, managing director of Wildfire labs said: “Measuring the impact of PR is an issue that is causing a lot of head scratching at the moment, and we are delighted to be in a position to offer conclusive evidence that PR does indeed work!  I’m sure the industry will breathe a collective sigh of relief that PR is not dead, and will await future Wildfire labs experiments with bated breath!”

For more information about Wildfire labs and to see the results of the experiment please visit:

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