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Forget about the clocks going back: Martini keeps summer alive with Spotify DJ chat bot

by on October 28, 2016 in Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use

Forget about the clocks going back: Martini keeps summer alive with Spotify DJ chat bot

With the clocks going back this weekend, signalling the end of summertime, MARTINI, the world’s leading vermouth and best-selling Italian sparkling wine brand, is helping to keep summer alive by giving social media users their very own personalised DJ.

MARTINI will deploy a DJ chat bot to message fans over its Facebook page, asking users to sum up their summer using emojis. Based on the user’s emoji response the DJ chat bot will provide a personalised Spotify playlist encapsulating their experiences.

Playlists will include some of the summer’s biggest anthems such as “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris Ft Rihanna, and “One Dance” by Drake Ft Wizkid & Kyla.

The DJ chat bot will be available across the globe, hosted on the MARTINI global Facebook page from Saturday 29th October 2016.

Laila Mignoni, Creative Excellence Director, MARTINI said: “We’re playing with time, tech, and tempo, to mix the perfect playlist to help consumers say no to the end of summer and live in the moment. Spotify’s innovative platform makes them the natural partner to help make this experience possible, and we’re excited to be the first drinks brand to launch this service.”

Chris Forrester, UK Country Manager, Spotify said: “We are delighted to be working with MARTINI on this campaign. With streaming becoming mainstream and algorithmic playlists becoming part of a streamer’s daily life, this is a genuinely innovative way of delivering a playful message at a dreary time of year.”

Dr Ed Morrison, behavioural psychologist, University of Portsmouth commented on the changing of the clocks: “One of the reasons for putting the clocks back is to maximise the time people spend exposed to daylight.

“Light has many important effects on human health and behaviour. These include the production of vitamin D which only occurs in sunlight, and the reducing of seasonal affective disorder, causing people to feel blue during the dark winter months. In fact seasonal affective disorder can affect up to 1 in 10 of people who live in northern latitudes. ”

“Changing when we wake and sleep disrupts our circadian rhythm. Our natural bodily cycle is around 24 hours. It can take a few days to adjust, and as a result we might not feel like going to bed, or waking up when we otherwise would.

“To help you to adjust to the changing of the clocks here’s some top tips below:

  • Sleep: Although it might be a nice idea having an extra hour to do whatever you want, try to keep your sleep routine the same even though you may be sleepy earlier in the evening
  • Get active in daylight: Make sure to spend time outside to help your body adjust to your circadian rhythm. Rather than going for a run or walk in the dark, try and establish a routine which takes you outside while it’s still daylight
  • Nutrition: Steer clear of sugary and caffeinated drinks near bedtime
  • Lights at home: The dark might cause you to turn up the lights up in your home to the max. Instead, keep then dimmed to help calm you and sleep better”

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