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TrueView launches satirical new video which pokes fun at dating apps

Creative agency, Don’t Panic, has created a new online video campaign for dating app TrueView, which highlights the negatives of contemporary online dating culture through apps, and pokes fun at the ‘swipe’ culture and bad behaviour of online dating apps.

The satirical video, ‘Tinder in real life’ starring Jolyon Rubinstein of Don’t Panic’s BAFTA-winning comedy series The Revolution will be Televised (BBC2), shows Jolyon taking to the streets to ask strangers for distorted online interactions and mocking the difference between online and offline behaviour.

New TrueView research of over 2,000 Brits shows that two in five (41%) respondents admitted to lying on their dating profiles, and that on average Brits spend almost a minute less on connecting with potential partners than it takes them to make a cup of tea. TrueView offers an alternative to the superficial, ‘swipe’ culture of online dating, with new features including ‘build your trust score’, ‘express yourself’ and ‘less swipe more spark’.

Video Credits:

Agency: Don’t Panic London
Client: TrueView
Project Lead: Ellie Moore
Creative Lead: Alistair Griggs
Director: Jolyon Rubinstein 
Producer: Errol Ettienne
Camera: Tim Spicer, Jake Martin
Editor: Jamie Tucker
Grade: Green Rock
Talent: Jolyon Rubinstein