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Ahead of World Television Day (21st November) here is comment on how the medium is transforming in line with the digital age / Jens Nielsen

Ahead of World Television Day (21st November), Jens Nielsen, Head of Nordics & UK at NetBooster, a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing – discusses how the medium is transforming in line with the digital age:

“Traditional television is becoming increasingly challenged as a marketing platform, with viewing time continuing to decrease year-on-year. This has been driven by the rise of streaming TV which has dramatically changed viewing habits, but it still is – and will remain for some time – an important mass marketing, branding and awareness tool for many businesses.

TV isn’t dying, it’s undergoing a transformation, and we are seeing it bounce back under a new and more modern guise – digital TV; an integrated digital marketing, branding and awareness platform that will sit alongside mobile, outdoor, print, and online.

When we look at digital TV, 1:1 personalised TV commercials are now being introduced slowly and at fairly low scale, so we are already seeing TV getting much closer to digital. Ultimately, this screen will soon be considered on the same page as smartphones, tablets, laptops and even signage advertising, and therefore become an integral part of any digital marketing, branding and communication campaign for a brand.

This new guise of TV will be best handled by those marketing agencies which were born in the digital age, as they have the skills to activate technology through data, creativity, content, optimisation and user experience – therefore creating engagement throughout the entire consumer journey.”