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5 simple ways to boost employee satisfaction

Rolling into work with barely a minute to spare every morning, daydreaming their way through meetings and offering up only evasive grunts to any direct request – an unsatisfied and unhappy employee is easy to spot. Even easier to pinpoint is the negative effect they can have on the office.

Because whilst the occasional afternoon spent lurking on Facebook and ignoring work emails probably won’t bring the entire business screeching to a standstill, unproductive workers will become a drain on resources over time. More importantly, they’ll become a huge drain on morale – nothing kills a lively and busy atmosphere quicker than the sight of a colleague who’d clearly rather be anywhere else.

Addressing the growing problem of demotivation

It’s a problem you’re likely to encounter with unwelcome frequency over the coming months, as a survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reveals that job satisfaction in the UK has plummeted to a two-year low.

But how do you help disheartened employees out of their slump and back into efficient, team-friendly working mode?

Since you’re in charge, the responsibility falls on your shoulders.

You have to create an inspiring workplace that keeps everyone motivated from nine on Monday morning until home time on Friday afternoon.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for boosting employee satisfaction.

#1: lead by example

To get the best out of your team you also have to be at your best. Undertaking extra training to hone your leadership skills will give you the knowhow and resources to push both yourself and your staff.

Distance learning will let you study around your work schedule, and with a wide variety of courses on offer in areas such as educational leadership or data centre management, you’re sure to find a suitable one whatever your industry or career.

#2: ask for input

As the ones actually doing the work day in and day out, your employees are the people best placed to identify the failures and successes of their job roles.

Whether they’re unhappy or not, asking for feedback on how they think their workplace could be improved – and listening to it – will let them feel more involved and help you make more informed decisions when it comes to implementing changes.

#3: encourage a healthy team environment

Ultimately, you want everyone to enjoy coming into work, so creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere is essential.

Encourage open communication about work matters with regular informal meetings, create a communal break space for staff to relax in during downtime and organise out-of-office evening or afternoon events to build a strong team environment.

#4: embrace flexible working

A skewed work/life balance is one of the biggest complaints of modern office working you’re likely to hear as the boss, but knowing how to tackle it is difficult.

Embracing a flexitime policy will let employees have more control over their working hours – ideal for those with families to look after or long commutes to deal with – and is said to improve self-discipline.

#5: set goals and recognise achievements

Having something tangible to work towards is a great motivational tool. Organise one-on-one meetings with your employees, discuss their individual aims for the coming months as well as wider business targets and establish goals.

Check in to see how they’re managing their targets and remember to recognise their achievements, be it a small email shout-out or through monthly bonuses.

Keep in mind these five tips and you’ll soon be hard-pressed to pick out even one unhappy employee amongst your busy and productive team.