Shaken & Stirred - Influential Brand Profiling and Positioning

Guide to achieving customer experience (CX) excellence

Today, consumer expectations are higher than ever before. They want personalized, relevant communications that are available on-demand and accessible via the device of their choice.

But for large organizations challenged with legacy systems, departmental silos and ever-changing regulations, delivering on the CX promise is easier said than done.

Find out how leading enterprises are leveraging modern CCM solutions to:

  • Transform the customer experience
  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate silos
  • Decrease risk
  • Gain visibility into the customer journey

Contents at a Glance

Chapter 1: What is customer communications management (CCM)?

Chapter 2: CCM as a strategic advantage: top four business benefits

Chapter 3: The verdict is in: omni-channel vs. multi-channel vs. cross-channel communications

Chapter 4: With the rise of CX, where does CCM fall?

Chapter 5: The critical path to CX excellence: four CCM fundamentals

Chapter 6: A window into CX: customer journey mapping

Chapter 7: Financial Services – applications and benefits

Chapter 8: Insurance – applications and benefits

Chapter 9: The CCM maturity model – where do you fit?

Chapter 10: Selecting the Right CCM platform


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