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Invite to join us for DMA’s #writerscrawl

On Monday (14 November) the DMA will launch the first ever copywriter’s festival, taking place over the following four days. The festival is the next stage in the DMA’s Campaign for great British copywriting, shining a light on the art and craft of great copy. The campaign gives voice to the people that write it, exploring the state of copywriting in a digital age and the results that great copy can drive for a business.

The festival of events has been designed to inspire writers and demonstrate the power around the theme ‘If words could change the world’. The DMA continues to champion creativity and has created #writerscrawl as a rallying cry for the industry and clients to support copywriters as they create the future of one-to-one marketing.

Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the DMA, comments: “The world is shaped, evolved and changed by words. They have always been the most powerful tools we have at our disposal as both a society and an industry. From speeches to novels, poems to ads, words are constant companions throughout history, the powerhouses behind monumental change. The DMA is here to champion copywriting in all its forms and demonstrate the value of great copy to growing business. The #writerscrawl is a chance for us to explore the power and future potential of the words we work with every day.”

The curtain raiser to #writerscrawl is an alumni event just for graduates of our Future Writers’ Labs series. There are events spread across London, including hosts Karmarama, Lab Digital, RAPP, and Royal Mail’s award-winning MarketReach, as well as meet-ups in Manchester and Edinburgh. The festival will come to close with a Big Bang: a day devoted to the explosive universe of words. The full line-up for the week includes:

Monday 14 November

  • 6.00 – 9.00pm: Future Writers’ Labs Alumni Evening

Tuesday 15 November

Wednesday 16 November

Thursday 17 November

The Campaign for great British copywriting first launched in 2014, with the creation of a short form documentary called ‘Madmen v Mavens’ and the first ever British copywriting census. The results of this research were used to create the ‘Why your copywriter looks so sad’ book and revealed that 54% of copywriters felt a lack of respect is the biggest barrier to good work.