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[Watch] “The home of Kerrygold is the wettest place in Ireland” – Karmarama is launching a new TV campaign

Karmarama is launching a new TV campaign for Kerrygold’s spreadable range, which is going live this coming weekend. The inspiration for the idea came from the fact that the home of Kerrygold is the wettest place in Ireland, and plays on the British and Irish obsession with the weather, while linking the provenance of the Irish butter through to its unique golden taste.

The creative tells the journey of a young dairy cow farmer as he cycles through a rainy village in Ireland on his way to work. The rain is torrential, but our protagonist greets the rain with glee, savours the soaking of a passing car splash, and delights throughout the deluge. On his winding journey we see that everybody in the town acts the same way, absolutely overjoyed by the rain.

The farmer passes a family enjoying a soggy picnic, three old men reading a drenched paper, and a just-married couple, beaming on their exit from church in a downpour. And the reason that the people in this damp Irish village are so happy? Because they know that that the wetter the weather, the greener the grass, the happier the cows, and the better the butter.

The ad was directed by The Bobbsey Twins, who have worked on brands such as Virgin Atlantic and McVitie’s, recently winning a Cannes Lion for their work for Halfords.

Mike Harper, Director of Marketing at Ornua Foods said “It was very important to us to produce a campaign that remained true to the Kerrygold brand and its Irish roots. Karmarama really understood this, and wove this into the strategy from the get-go.”

Nik Studzinski, CCO at Karmarama says “Putting a product truth at the centre, gives the work an authentic nature that is impossible to manufacture, proving that Kerrygold should be the only butter in the family fridge.”