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Research : Mopinion announces results of its “Top 10 Online Struggles 2016’ study

Mopinion is pleased to announce the results of its ‘Top 10 Online Struggles 2016’ customer feedback study, which identifies the top ‘pet hates’ of online customers. This study was conducted based on feedback collected from the websites of major B2C companies in various industries such as utilities, telecommunications, finance and automotive.

Mopinion measures both volumes of feedback concerning the most common issues as well as customer sentiment (feedback used in positive or negative context). Two leading results are featured – ‘Problems logging in’ is the top struggle by volume of people affected, whilst visitors reporting bugs in their online experience is the biggest source of irritation overall.

Making sense of the results

Floris Snuif, Co-Founder and CTO at Mopinion commented, “When you look at the online experience, it is vital to fully understand the frustrations of your customers. Naturally it is important to look at the most frequent issues, these are shown as the volume by percentage. Equally though, you need to know which issues cause the most irritation to online users, as essentially these are the areas that will turn visitors and business away from your online portal.

We developed a text analysis solution using both renowned text analysis frameworks and our own technologies to analyse the sentiment of open comments stored in customer feedback in large volumes. When we combine these sentiment results with scores people give (for example a low or high loyalty score such as NPS or CSAT) we calculate a score called MSI (Mopinion Sentiment Index) for each single issue (problems logging in, bug reports, etc). The MSI shows exactly where this is the biggest problem and most needs to be resolved.”

Floris continued, “To show how this works in reality, ‘Problems logging in’ was the most common issue at 18.4% of feedback received on popular consumer websites. However, the MSI is measured on a scale of 0 – 100 (with zero being extremely negative and 100 being extremely positive) and it had a score of 46.8, which suggests it is not particularly negative. Compare this to ‘Bug reports’ which only amounted to 3.5% of feedback, but scored an MSI of 34 indicating it is the most negative of all the issues reported.”

The wider picture

Taking an overview of both volumes and MSI into context also flags up issues which are most common, but also cause the greatest frustrations. For instance, ‘Online process doesn’t work well’ was in second place in absolute volume with 17.3%, but was also in the third worst position on the MSI ranking with 41.5. Another example is ‘Page Not Found’ which came in third place in absolute volume with 11.6% and had a close MSI score of 41.9.

Floris concluded, “This study shows that measuring the online experience of your customers can be very complicated indeed, but it is essential if you are to address issues and put them right. As an online retailer, your website and online portals are just as important as a physical store, so it is vital that you identify the issues that most matter to your customers and could ultimately damage your reputation and sales figures. Gaining the right insights is the key to ensuring your online business thrives.”

The full details of the Mopinion ‘Top 10 Online Struggles 2016’ customer feedback survey are available here.

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