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Buster the Boxer : John Lewis new Christmas ad – Exclusive comment from Vince Kerrigan, Vital Communications

Vince Kerrigan, strategic solutions manager at brand communications agency, Vital Communications, said:

“The release of this ad has been a communications masterclass for brand owners. The teaser-style release of three films featuring Buster the boxer dog and the brand’s distinctive typography inspired some lively social media conversation.

“While it is not clear to what extent the timetable was pre-planned, the decision to officially release the ad just 24 hours after the US election result served to accentuate its uplifting message and put thoughts of surprise-filled, family Christmases top of mind. A definite break from the more melancholic reaction to last year’s campaign.

“While dogs and furry creatures have featured in festive campaigns before – Asda’s #becauseitschristmas campaign in 2015, which featured two dogs that bring their owners together, and John Lewis’s The Bear and the Hare ad in 2013 – the decision to base the ad on a poignant relationship between a young girl and her dog cleverly taps into the powerful emotional connection that many of us have with our pets.

“Once again, this campaign is a heart-warming demonstration of John Lewis’s brand values and is more interested in generating lasting customer loyalty than in selling product.”