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3 marketing tools you probably haven’t considered

Any company wanting to boost their online and offline marketing efforts must review all the tools available.

There is more to marketing than just social media and advertisements, because there are many handy tools out there to help you communicate with your customers – and it’s up to you to find them.

Here are three superb marketing tools you may not have considered for your campaign.

Link Building Tools

For a website to reach its potential, you must identify opportunities or problems that could be the difference between online success or failure. Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs are helpful marketing tools that can help you build a strong inbound link profile.

Not only do the handy search marketing tools allow you to research your own backlinks, and identify any damaging links affecting your domain authority, but you can browse your competitors’ backlink profiles to spot any potential link building opportunities. If you want to boost your website traffic and rank higher in the SERPs, you must develop a strong link building campaign that will blow your competitors out the water.

SMS Text Message Services

One of the best ways to reach your customer base is through a text message. The personal approach will make a customer feel special, and they are much more likely to read about an offer or the latest news if the message comes from a brand they trust – which could have a fantastic impact on a marketing campaign.

An SMS text message service allows you to communicate a new deal, news alert or competition details to your current customers – and the personal message means they’re more likely to reply. Think about it, you could advertise a competition to a broad audience via Facebook, which people would publicly have to enter, or you could send a direct text message to your core customer base, which they can enter privately. A private text message will show you are a caring company with amazing deals, news or offers, and they’re more likely to use your services again in the future. The online SMS messaging service will also provide a detailed report, so you can review your campaign statistics or individual messages.

Email Marketing

Just like SMS messaging services, email marketing offers one of the best methods for engaging with your customers, as you can send a personalised email directly into their inbox. Whether your goal is to fill up hotel rooms, showcase your latest offers or advertise a new service, email marketing is a great way to take your news to your subscribers.

Hook your readers in with a catchy subject line, which should be complemented by a well-designed email marketing campaign, featuring meticulous copy and a reason to want to read on. However, never create an email marketing campaign for the sake of it. Think about what your USP is for that month or week and sell it your subscribers in the best way possible, so you’ll have the phones ringing and your profits rising.