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Black Friday mobile shopper data from Adjust

A study released today by Adjust shows that Black Friday is a considerably bigger day for mobile shoppers in Western Europe than in North America, contrary to popular expectation since Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the US.

The study shows that while ecommerce apps saw an average revenue boost from American users of 49.9% above a typical Friday in November, this boost was exceeded in multiple by Western European countries, such as Germany (75.6%), France (74.7%), Belgium (79.9%) and Switzerland (73.9%).

The findings suggest that, for retailers vying for a greater mobile share of revenues, Black Friday represents a relatively greater opportunity for stronger sales in European markets.

As Adjust explains, the results could be due to a greater inclination among US shoppers to head to retail outlets for promises of bigger discounts, whereas European shoppers generally spend more time on their phones on what is otherwise just a regular Friday.

The holiday and its increasing popularity represents an opportunity for ecommerce companies across Europe.