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Celebrate Christmas in real 2016 style with some Brexit crackers

McGarryBowen has created a set of Brexit-themed crackers for the Guardian, aimed at putting a lighthearted, satirical spin on the Christmas tradition.

The crackers contain cheeky prizes themed around the key issues of the referendum debate – for example, toys inside include a yo-yoing pound and a toy Brexit bus, where you can play with promises to fund the NHS. The crackers also feature a miniature EU jigsaw, where you can piece together a map of the European Union and try and make the UK fit and there’s even a tiny, miniature book of Brexit plans, containing Britain’s entire exit strategy, though you might struggle to read it.

And of course as tradition demands, each cracker contains a joke – for example: “Q. Why did Michael Gove leave his Christmas dinner? A. He didn’t like Brussels.”

Paul Jordan, executive creative director, mcgarrybowen said “The world seems to have gone crazy in 2016. So at mcgarrybowen we decided to see off this dreadful year by trying to lighten the mood a little. “

The Guardian will be offering the crackers as competition prizes for readers and subscribers.

To win a box simply go to