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LiveRamp and DoubleClick partner up to bring new Conversions API to the UK

Latest …  LiveRamp™, an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ: ACXM) and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, has partnered with DoubleClick for its new Conversions API, which connects online brand interactions with real world sales.

The Conversions API, recently announced by DoubleClick, makes the value of digital advertising more accountable and transparent, by securely connecting online media impacts with store visits, call centre interactions and transactions. By working with LiveRamp to securely link online media data with real life touchpoints, marketers can ‘connect the dots’ with a greater level of confidence between digital media viewership and real-world sales.

Richard Foster, UK Managing Director at LiveRamp said: “Online advertising has long struggled to fuse digital engagements with accurate attribution and measurement to offline interactions and sales. While the influence and reach of digital is undeniable, we also know that 90% of all retail transactions are still closed in the physical world – which, for big ticket purchases like cars or significant retail purchases where consumers value the tangible experience of seeing and trying a product before they buy, is set to continue.

The Conversions API clarifies that critical moment where online influence and offline transactions meet, and LiveRamp’s role as the secure location where those datasets are linked together is integral.”

Jon Morgan, Audience and Data Partnerships Lead EMEA at Google, adds: “The Conversions API takes the guesswork out of connecting online advertising to real life action, and having a safe environment in which to connect those ‘puzzle pieces’ together for brands and advertisers is crucial.”