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[Watch] M&Ms’ flagship store is first to benefit from Optoma and DisplayMapper partnership

M&M’s flagship Leicester Square store has unveiled a spectacular daylight-visible retail display featuring two unique pods where bespoke, seasonal CG animation is stunningly 3D projection-mapped onto blank M&Ms bottles.  See the installation in action in this video.

The pods mark the debut installation from the brand new reseller partnership between Optoma laser projectors and DisplayMapper: the world’s first web-based 3D projection mapping system. Both parties embarked on the partnership as a way to combine DisplayMapper’s easy-to-use software with Optoma award-winning projectors – making affordable and simplified 3D projection mapping available to the masses.

To celebrate the partnership, integrators can get DisplayMapper for a 50% discount by visiting

The M&Ms installation marries Optoma’s ProScene ZU650 laser phosphor technology with DisplayMapper’s enhanced new features – pixel perfect mapping, USB camera enabled monitoring, RS-232 controlled scheduling and remote maintenance.  This boasts over 10,000 lumens per square metre at a very high pixel density.

The installation has been designed so that fresh content can be easily and remotely uploaded at seasonal moments during the year. Content updates are automatically re-mapped using saved 3D mapping settings of the blank bottles.

DisplayMapper helps businesses create show-stopping projection-mapped displays at the touch of a button from any smart device. Initially developed to help retailers create stand-out in-store displays, the combination of DisplayMapper and Optoma laser projectors can create stunning displays across a far wider spectrum of industries: leisure attractions, museums, hospitality and education, to name just a few.

This means any industry can now benefit from the improved customer engagement that comes from wrapping projected visual content around interesting spaces. All integrators can now create low cost, highly scalable projection installations while developing new projection mapping networks or retrofitting existing networks.

DisplayMapper software hosts a suite of features like an intuitive, super easy-to-use 3D drawing tool. So anyone, regardless of projection-mapping expertise, can map bespoke displays onto any surface geometry.

Users simply identify the points on the content that is to be projected and match them to the relevant points on the intended projection surface. Click here to see a three-minute ‘getting started’ video.

DisplayMapper can project a wide range of content – from promotional web pages to comms videos and artistic custom-made CG animations – using any internet-connected device; whether it be a powerhouse desktop or a smartphone.

There is even an opportunity to introduce a smart intermediary device like Arduino to create a layer of consumer-facing interactivity within the content.

This next generation display tool benefits from low maintenance and effortless installation: all that is required is an Android player, projector and USB camera for live photostream feedback to enable remote diagnostics and maintenance.

Using the Projector Manager RS232 control interface and working from the cloud means DisplayMapper campaigns can be syndicated across a network of destinations, whilst being easily scheduled and updated remotely.

To celebrate the partnership with Optoma, integrators can get DisplayMapper for a 50% discount for a limited time offer of 50 days by visiting

Nick Price, Optoma’s Territory Manager, said: “Projection Artworks has installed both DisplayMapper and Optoma projectors for many of its stunning retail displays – including the Nestle Quality Street ASDA campaign and the recent installations across ten of UGG’s European concept stores.  This partnership reinforces this close relationship.”

DisplayMapper MD, Tom Burch, said: “DisplayMapper breathes new life into displays by merging both the physical (the projection surface) and the digital (the content). As a low-cost, turnkey technology solution, DisplayMapper can help any business – big or small – create truly engaging projection-mapped displays. By combining video mapping, content management and projection control into one unit, DisplayMapper does for projection-mapping what digital signage did for LCD screens 10 years ago.”