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“The emergence of social gaming has significantly promoted online gaming”

by on December 20, 2016 in Business, Digital Marketing, featured item, Gamification, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets

“The emergence of social gaming has significantly promoted online gaming”

The gaming world has never been more thrilling. In the past the gaming field was dominated almost entirely by video games played on joysticks. The games were relatively costly.  However, with these consoles and associated titles stretching the customers’ budgets too far in pursuit of their favorite games, there surely needed to be an alternative. And that necessity created a need for a more affordable and more convenient option.

Within the last five years, the emergence and subsequent development of online casino games has considerably transformed the gaming landscape. The online games have presented casino lovers with a reliable and flexible option on the gaming platform.

These games come at a relatively lower cost and on online casinos, the gamers can indulge their gaming passion while at the same time standing a chance of making money out of their favorite pastimes. The rise in demand for online games is consistently on the rise transforming the market into a multi-billion dollar entity that is set to thrive even further.

The international image of this industry has substantially changed over the last five years from where console and titles reigned to the current norm of online gaming. The big question is; what’s been the driving factor for this transformation? Basically, it all narrows down to exponential technological advancements which has in turn created much anticipations from players leading to consistent evolution of gaming models. The multiplayer games over the internet has so far opened up a lot of possibilities for this market most significantly rejuvenating the thrill of the classic physical casino games.

From Facebook to Online Gaming

Ever heard of the term social gaming? Well this is where people send their friends requests via social media to play online games with them online. The emergence of social gaming has significantly promoted online gaming. Social gaming started on renowned social media like Facebook and twitter. Such games are often community-sponsored titles such as candy crash, criminal case and Farmville. They have played a big role in reshaping online gaming by ensuring a phenomenal playing environment and according the players an opportunity to make a choice. The most luring aspect of these online community games is that they are played free of charge with an option of purchasing tools required to move to the next level.

This polar model is the exact opposite of what the traditional gaming consoles used to market their games where gamers had to spend relatively large sums of money to before they could download or access the online platforms for the titles. For this reason, many people around the globe have wholesomely accepted free online gaming.

More Connectivity

One effective way in which technological advancement has positively impacted our lives is that it has improved interconnections. Internet ensured a connection between people from all over the world through high broadband speeds with big bandwidths so essentially, you can connect and play online games with nearly everyone from anywhere around the world as long as they have a good internet connection. Moreover, this norm is fast taking to cellular devices. With a smartphone, you can now play lite versions of these games without any difficulties at the comfort of your home.

Playing With Other People Instead Of Playing With CPU

Highly responsive multiplayer online games are surely the leading trend as far as gaming is concerned. It’s only human that we like to pit ourselves against other people for competitions. Many traditional games consoles wouldn’t allow us to enjoy the competitions in high quality graphics as we can enjoy on online casinos leave alone allowing for multiple playing. With online gaming, you can now compete against players at different skills from all over the world on games like league of legends which has thousands of enthusiasts on online communities.

A Larger Population

Online gaming platforms expose you to a relatively larger population of gamers as compared to the typical console game playing partners, especially if you are part of a social gaming community. Besides, the games can be easily accessed on the internet without any restrictions whatsoever. Regardless of what time of the day you want to play, there are always other gamers online waiting to play with you; this fact has seen even woman and older people take to online gaming as a favorite pastime because nobody is ever that interested in knowing who’s on the other end; all they want is to play. In addition, much younger players are also exploring the fun of classic casino games on the internet.

More Cultures Accepting Online Gaming

Online gaming and gambling has suffered rejection in many countries; more so the Arabic speaking counties.  There are only three metropolitans in the entire UAE where gambling is legal. For instance, Dubai, a vibrant international tourist destination has very stringent rules that regulates gambling and online gaming. In fact, as regards physical Casinos, they have none. They culturally consider illegal betting a criminal activity. Nonetheless, there’s a growing push for more freedom as regards to legalization of online gaming and as the days go by the unrelenting push by investors in the online Arabic casino sector may get a nod from the government.


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