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The importance of combining global and local representation in international PR campaigns … Clareville

What do international PR, diplomatic representation and military campaigns have in common?

To be successful, experts in all these fields have learnt that a combination of good international resources operating globally with strong experienced, integrated representation ‘on the ground’ locally is essential, particularly where certain local markets are vitally important.

We at Clareville know how important and effective this is from own experience over many years in  B2B PR and Consumer PR.

We understand it through our work for international conferences and exhibitions including the IMEX Group – IMEX in Frankfurt and IMEX America, and Pay Expo MENA in Dubai. For each of these we have our own highly experienced senior contracted staff in the host country.

From another perspective, we are the local agency for international brands including  Baby Bjorn in the UK, and for the German Convention Bureau in the UK and North America.

We’ve learnt that this approach delivers many valuable benefits. It provides

  • in-depth local knowledge and contacts in local media and influential organisations such as trade associations
  • the ability to work in the local language – including American English – and American news release style is different from the UK.
  • the ease of working in the same or similar Time Zone as the local media and contacts, including the venue
  • sensitivity and early alerts to local issues in the market. For instance, environmental, CSR and wellbeing angles are often of more interest to media outside the UK.

It is obviously vital to maintain a consistent overall message and tone so close co-operation, management and ideally integration are essential. But carefully managed local variations can provide a major important boost in key markets far greater than what a ‘one size fits all’ approach can achieve.