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YOC’s CEO confirms UK business is moving towards product based mobile advertising technology following exceptional growth in its programmatic business

Latest : YOC ( has announced the annual results of its UK operations, confirming a sharp rise in its mobile programmatic business this year. Figures released on its branding and performance business against sales of programmatic services show a monthly revenue increase on both, with programmatic now outperforming other business services.

Over 50% of YOC’s business now comes from programmatic advertising.

Dirk Kraus, CEO of YOC, said:

“This has been a very good year for us in terms of overall revenue growth in the UK and an exceptional year for our programmatic team under Oliver Gold’s leadership. We have seen an increase in this side of the business exceeding month on month forecasts. In certain periods, 70% of our revenue was attributable to demand for our programmatic advertising, with ads like our Understitial product performing well.”

He added:

“I am pleased to announce that, as a result of demand increases, YOC UK will be shifting the focus of its core business as we move towards becoming a product based mobile advertising technology provider. We will be investing more in the development of our mobile products, including interactive and video ads.

YOC’s media partners include Trinity Mirror Group, which works with YOC’s programmatic team in the UK.

Amir Malik, Trinity Mirror Group’s Programmatic Director, said:

The mobile space has a range of players, but during the last six months YOC has become TMG’s fastest growing mobile partner of 2016. I have been particularly impressed by the quality of their team and I’m proud to say that Trinity Mirror were the first to enable their campaigns through Programmatic technology, specifically via a Private Market Place deal. Their ability to deliver unique, custom rich media formats at scale within a Deal ID environment demonstrates their creativity, tech innovation and forward thinking approach to programmatic.

Oliver Gold, YOC’s Commercial Director, added:

“YOC UK fully pivoted during 2016 to become a truly programmatic first operation. Programmatic sits at the heart of every new product and service that we release. This existential paradigm shift has resulted in exponential revenue growth during FY16, with programmatic revenue up 900% in Q.4 vs. Q.1.
Naturally as the market shifts more towards programmatic, the demand side are keen to work with partners who can deliver custom rich media formats programmatically and at scale. Given YOC’s advanced capabilities in this space, the business is extremely well placed to capitalise on this reality.”