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64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video

7 simple but effective tips for video marketing

Pretty much any video marketing statistics that you may encounter paint a picture of this once up-and-coming, but now firmly established marketing method as one that is highly impactful for businesses operating across the sectors.

Did you know that according to HubSpot, for example, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video, or that incorporating a video into your landing page could boost conversions by 80%?

The fact is that today, video marketing works – but it doesn’t work automatically. Instead, you really have to make it work, for which the below seven simple tips – as shared by The Mob Film Company, a sports filming company based in Manchester – are likely to be highly effective.

  • 1. Tell a compelling story
  • The video format is closely connected in our minds to feature films and TV, so it’s not surprising that the best examples of video marketing create a captivating story that keeps viewers entranced from start to end.
  • Remember that your brand is of merely secondary importance to the viewer – creating an impactful video is all about telling an inspiring story that engages users’ emotions.
  • 2. Share your videos extensively
  • YouTube? Vimeo? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Your company’s website, blog or foyer? Share your video in as many relevant places as possible to really hammer home its message and importance.
  • 3. Keep a short, punchy edit
  • Indeed, one recent study cited by Adweek found that videos as short as 10 seconds may be best for appealing to the increasingly dominant Millennial generation, while older viewers often favour 30-second videos.
  • 4. Have a data-capturing strategy
  • Data seems to drive everything in business these days, and it’s much the same in the world of video.
  • Are people actually watching your video through to the end, or are they quickly heading elsewhere? How many views are your videos getting? Are they attracting social media shares and comments as well?
  • Knowing this information is vital if you are to refine your video marketing strategy and gain better results from it.
  • 5. Produce multiple videos
  • You can really maximise the impact of your video marketing by creating videos using a video editor for the various stages of the customer’s relationship with your brand.
  • So, don’t just produce videos with the aim of spreading awareness of your brand among your target audience and luring them into buying your products or services – also create walkthroughs, guides and demonstrations that enable them to get the most from your company’s offerings once they have purchased.
  • 6. Take a consistent approach to branding
  • Remember that the communication of your brand and its messaging is one of the principal aims of a video marketing campaign – and that yours won’t be as effective if you don’t keep relatively consistent colours, graphics and logos across your video output.
  • 7. Focus on educating, rather than selling
  • If your viewer immediately feels that they are being ‘sold to’ before they have even learned anything useful and relevant to them from your video, there’s a strong likelihood that they will click that browser ‘back’ button and never look at one of your brand’s videos or other content again.

Video marketing unquestionably offers more potential as we head into 2017 than almost any other form of marketing today, so if you wish to make the best use of your firm’s marketing budget, it’s vital to follow tips like those above. Good luck!