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Research Infographic : What do consumers understand about sustainability? | Future Thinking

The issue of sustainability and CSR is clearly being addressed by retailers and manufacturers as they recognise the competitive advantage it can generate. But how much do consumers understand about sustainability? What efforts are they making to contribute? And importantly; what can manufacturers understand from this?

Our annual study, the Grocery Eye 2016, examines the shopping habits of 2,000 supermarket shoppers to identify customer’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviour towards food, packaging and sustainability.

Our infographic details some of our key learnings around attitudes towards sustainability including:

  • What consumers are doing with food that’s past its ‘best’
  • How packaging make-up affects our buying decisions
  • What efforts consumers make to contribute to sustainability
  • What does sustainability mean to us?

In addition to sustainability, the Grocery Eye has researched; category perceptions, attitudes towards product attributes and ingredients, good and bad fats, and the role of sugar; as well as more specific areas such as eating out, mealtime behaviours, free from and discount retailers.

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