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It takes two: how to make the most of media partnerships …Clareville Communications

by on February 20, 2017 in Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, PR

It takes two: how to make the most of media partnerships …Clareville Communications
As a route to delivering your message, be it news about a product launch, an event/exhibition or a new campaign, there are multiple benefits to undertaking media partnerships.

The main benefit of partnership working is often guaranteed media coverage. Coverage which is largely editorial in appearance but allows you more control over content.

Setting up a media partnership can add credibility to both you and your media partner’s efforts, by way of third party endorsement.

The hard work lies in developing these partnerships to ensure maximum benefit for both parties. A PR company can work with you to help you consider the options including what you could offer to the partner – and what you’d want in return.

Here’s some tips of what to consider:


Where to start? The amount of media in any given sector, both on and offline, can be overwhelming. A PR agency can help you hone down the choice and identify the media outlets which best fit your needs and those of your target audience.


A PR agency can work with each media outlet’s editorial team as part of the negotiation process to establish the boundaries of what will be created by them and what can be supplied by you.

While the type of editorial content you can offer varies for each media outlet, here are a few examples:

* Exclusivity of content materials (surveys, researches, pictures, videos)

* Exclusive interview with a leader of your organisation.

Add to this the marketing components such as:

* Access to client database

* Media partner’s logo in your promotional materials and websites.

* If you’re holding an event or conference, an exhibition stand or delivery of the partner’s promotion materials of during the event.

What can you ask in return?

* A series of editorial articles or an interview in various channels – print, online or via e-newsletters

* Logo on your media partner’s materials – print, online.


By working with a PR agency, you’ll have a helping hand in creating powerful, successful media partnerships. A PR pro can support you throughout the negotiations by reviewing and inputting into the contract – ensuring the timing, editorial channels and content are all spot on for what you want to achieve. They will then work with each outlet to ensure successful delivery of the partnership.

An agency can write, or support the media partners’ editorial teams, and create content that really fits the bill – the correct tone of voice, the correct messaging and call to action etc.

Media partnerships are a growing part of what the team at Clareville Communications delivers for its clients across various sectors such as events & exhibitions, promotional marketing, babywear and gardening. If you’d like advice on how to maximise your media partnerships, we’re happy to help!



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